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The unforgettable Christian trips to Israel

Discover the Holy Land on one of the Christian trips to Israel organized by Holy Land Private Tours. Follow the steps of Jesus in a comprehensive tour.

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Choose the trip that you like most

The best way to investigate the origin of Christianity and the marvels of this old land is being on any of the Christian trips to Israel organized by us, where you can stop or continue at your own pace. Our tours are sensibly estimated, particularly if you are going with family or companions.

This country is exceptional for Christians of all denominations. Nowhere else on Earth can you find a land containing the histories recounted in both the Old and New Testaments. Where else can one step inside the Bible, traversing the described locations; and where one may encounter the holiest of men? Together, we will see all the significant sites, allowing you to practically live out the wondrous stories of the Scriptures.

This place is the ground from which Christianity grew. The Christian trips to Israel organized by us at Holy Land Private Tours will allow you to feel like you are fighting alongside Barak, son of Avinoam, against the army of Yavin, King of Hazor; or battling the Midianites, shoulder to shoulder with Gideon. Your mere presence here will breathe life into all of those places.

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Your experience

You will be able to explore historical and archeological sites, forging a valuable link between the passages of the Old Testament and the New. Excerpts from the Bible will take on a new level of realism as the sites you will tour bridge the past and the present. During our Christian trips to Israel you will see for yourself the indications to the country’s biblical times, presenting you with an even greater appreciation for the antiquity described in the Scriptures.


With your input and approval, we will map out the ideal Christian trips to Israel, treading the very same paths where Jesus once walked. You could also discover the Holy City of Jerusalem on a comprehensive one-day tour or set out on a grand tour of ten to fourteen days, a spirited voyage throughout the entirety of this sacred land.

To have the best of Christian trip in Israel do call us at Holy Land Private Tours dialing +972-50-4444324.

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